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THE CHOIR by ABBA The Museum was founded as a pop choir in 2014 by ABBA The Museum to celebrate the 40th anniversary of ABBA's victory in the Eurovision Song Contest in Brighton in 1974. The choir's 50 original members were selected by audition in collaboration with the Swedish Choir Association and Karin Bäckström, who was also the choir's first artistic director. From ABBA's musical treasure trove, songs were selected and translated by Göran Arnberg into choir arrangements.

Since the autumn of 2015, the choir has been an independent group in a smaller format in close collaboration with ABBA The Museum and others within the ABBA family. The choir has performed at several official ABBA events both in Sweden and internationally. Among other things, the choir has performed in live TV programs such as SVT's New Year's program Tolvslaget, TV4 Nyhetsmorgon New Year's Eve and in 2019 the choir held a concert in Helsingborg Concert Hall and toured in China. In 2023 The Choir toured in Australia.

What we offer – Walk In. Dance Out

The choir has its very own sound, which rests on solid ABBA foundations. The arrangements, recorded instrumental backgrounds, stage clothes etc. are created within the ABBA family especially for the choir. The choir performs with accompaniment or a cappella, with varying performances and song selections from the ABBA catalog. 

Walk In. Dance Out.

Photo credit: Bo Söderström

ABBA – Waterloo 40th anniversary 2014

Better Together.jpg

ABBA VOYAGE release party at ABBA The Museum

China Tour 1.jpg

Photo credit: Johan Røisland & Carl Myrén

ABBA The Museum/Choir China Tour 2019

Stage front distant.jpg

Swedish Television SVT New Years Eve

Photo credit: Johan Lingvall

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